Dog Tips

Dog Tips by Grace

10/30/13 Dog Tips: Winter is upon us once again. Give your pet a warm environment at night, animals can get cold too.

8/3/13 Dog Tips: Keep your dog or cat cool in the summer months by having the groomer give your pet a short haircut with the clippers. Don’t worry about cutting them down to close, it’s only hair it will grow back.

1/26/13 Dog Tips: To keep your dog busy, buy toys with little holes in them. By smearing peanut butter in the hole this will keep them occupied for hours.

dog bed

1/08/13 Dog Tips: Remember even with a heavy coat of fur your pet can get cold too. If you are leaving your pet outdoors for long periods of time make sure they have a nice bed to bundle up on to keep warm

12/29/12 Dog Tips: With the new year approaching, if your pet is afraid of loud noises please take the necessary steps to keep them calm at midnight. Happy New Year!!

12/24/12 Dog Tips: Holiday dining leaves many leftovers and the temptation to over feed your pet. Give your dog table food sparingly, too much can be bad for their digestion

doggie dining

12/15/12 Dog Tips: Leaving your dog unattended on a choke chain is not a good idea. The chain could get caught and strangle the dog.

12/8/12 Dog Tips: Giving your dog a rawhide bone when leaving them for long periods of time makes it less likely they will chew on your plants or outdoor furniture.

washing your pet

12/6/12 Dog Tips: Having a regular grooming schedule for your pet will keep their coat healthy and clean which will make your pet a happy one.

12/5/12 Dog Tips: During the holidays it’s fun to get festive with your pet too. Wrap up a little toy your for guy so he won’t feel left out when everyone is opening presents.

12/4/12 Dog Tips: With winter upon us make sure your pet is warm at night if sleeping outdoors or in the garage.

12/3/12 Dog Tips: As your dog gets older it may be necessary to add supplements to their diet to keep them healthy. Do your homework there are many products to choose from.

12/1/12 Dog Tips: It is important to have a properly fitted choke chain for your dog. Having one to loose can result in your pet getting away while out on a walk.

11/30/12 Dog Tips : Dog urine on the carpet can leave unwanted stains and odors. After absorbing the urine with paper towels sprinkle a generous amount of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to absorb any remaining traces of urine and odor, problem solved.

11/29/12 Dog Tips: During the rainy season have a small bucket of water outside the door along with a towel to clean your pets feet before entering the house.

11/28/12 Dog Tips: Be considerate of your neighbors property when out walking your dog. Always have something to clean up any mess which is bound to happen.

11/27/12 Dog Tips: When buying dog food it is important to do your homework. Do not buy anything which has ingredients from China. Buy USA only!!

11/26/12 Dog Tips: Leaving your pet around a pool unattended can be dangerous. In warm months familiarize them with the pool steps so they know how to get out.

11/25/12 Dog Tips: During the holidays it’s important to have plenty of toys on hand for your dog to play with so they do not feel left out.

11/24/12 Dog Tips: Dog urination can burn your lawn and leave it with unwanted burned patches. A simple solution, tomato juice in your dogs diet. Just pour a little over their food everyday and problem solved.

11/23/12 Dog Tips: Leaving your dog unattended on a choke chain could end up strangling him.

11/23/12 Dog Tips: Don’t use metal water dishes outside in winter, your pet’s tongue could stick to the frozen metal.

11/22/12 Dog Tips: Feeding your table food can cause unwanted stomach problems for him.
11/21/12 Dog Tips: A clean and well groomed is a happy dog!!

11/20/12 Dog Tips: With the holidays approaching make sure your is clean and smelling good!!